Parent Perspective on Diets

Video Presentation: Nutrition & Autism: What Is The Connection & What Does The Research Tell Us From Tami Giles of Autism Recovery Resources of Washington

Diet Tips

Nutritional Approach for ASD Re-printed courtesy of The Johnson Center for Child Health & Development Quinoa, pronounced “keen-wa”, is an ancient grain having been around

Implementing Special Diets

Tips and Strategies With 30 years of data supporting growing evidence that dietary intervention is an effective treatment for autism, all too often we hear

*Overview of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Click here to complete a Certificate of Attendance: This presentation will cover what the research tell us about this dietary intervention, who may benefit from implementing this

Tips for Introducing Nutritional Supplements and Special Diets

A knowledge quiz and certificate of participation are available at: Handouts are available online at: Dana Godbout Laake is a Licensed Nutritionist providing preventive and therapeutic

Diets for Adults with ASD

Published: 03/25/2013 Ms. Erika Laurion, M.S., C.S. as worked in the health fields for over 10 years. She is a nutritional consultant for group homes where she

ASD & the SCD Diet

Many children with Autism suffer from digestive disorders that can affect learning, behavior and mood. The Specific Carbohydrate diet (SCD) has been used for decades to heal

Dietary Intervention

Dietary Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders Presented by Vicki Kobliner, MS, RD at the Fall 2012 Autism Research Institute Conference Published: 012/05/2012 Ms. Kobliner is a Registered

Diets – Speaker Panel

Diet Panel with Food Samples Presented by Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN; Vicki Kobliner, MS, RD; Dana Laake, RDH, MS, LDN; Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CHN; Tom Malterre,

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