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ARI Accomplishments in 2012

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) has a 44-year track record of pioneering and leadership in the autism field. We provide families and professionals with the information needed for

ARI Accomplishments in 20122019-12-06T06:18:08-05:00

ARI Accomplishments in 2013

We at the Autism Research Institute (ARI) are proud of our 46-year history of leadership in the autism community. Much of our efforts are focused on networking with

ARI Accomplishments in 20132019-12-06T06:18:39-05:00

ARI Accomplishments in 2015

Outreach ARI now offers, in joint providership with the Cleveland Clinic, complimentary webcasts offering AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ to physicians and the general public on gastrointestinal,

ARI Accomplishments in 20152019-12-06T06:32:32-05:00

Optimizing Autism Treatment

Over the past half-century, two treatment approaches have dominated autism therapy. One is behavioral therapy (for instance, applied behavior analysis), while the other is traditional medical

Optimizing Autism Treatment2019-10-04T05:46:26-05:00

Large-Scale Studies in Autism: What do They Show?

Over the past decade, many studies have documented substantial impairments in the gastrointestinal (GI), immunological, and metabolic systems of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Although

Large-Scale Studies in Autism: What do They Show?2019-09-27T04:32:11-05:00

Education & Asperger’s Syndrome

Richard L. Simpson, Ed.D. was one of the pioneers in the education of autism and Asperger's syndrome. He presented in his work at numerous conferences and workshops, and

Education & Asperger’s Syndrome2019-08-01T07:54:21-05:00

Genetics, the Environment & Autism

The word “genetics” tends to spark different reactions by parents and professionals within the autism community, ranging from interest to indifference or even annoyance. These days the

Genetics, the Environment & Autism2019-09-27T05:00:23-05:00

Design with Autism in Mind

Professionals who design building structures typically account for perceptual or cognitive challenges experienced by individuals with various disabilities. Sometimes these challenges are referred to as the “invisible

Design with Autism in Mind2019-09-27T05:07:40-05:00

Aging in Autism: A Call to Action

Twenty years ago there was much talk but little action about the inevitable onslaught of children and teenagers on the autism spectrum reaching adulthood. Whether it was hesitation

Aging in Autism: A Call to Action2019-08-01T08:08:07-05:00

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

Watch next: Behavioral Strategies for Anxiety in ASD Anxiety and ASD Learn about emerging research on comorbid anxiety in individuals with autism spectrum disorder

Stress & Anxiety Reduction2019-10-08T07:35:27-05:00

Auditory Processing Problems in ASD

Autism is sometimes described as a social/communication problem. Processing auditory information is a critical component of social communication, and people with autism spectrum disorders typically have problems processing

Auditory Processing Problems in ASD2019-08-01T08:10:27-05:00

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