About the Autism Research Institute:

For more than 50 years, ARI has been at the forefront of modern autism research, working to pioneer efforts in biological research, educational outreach and networking across organizations worldwide. While the causes of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) remain unclear, recent scientific advances challenge the traditional view of autism as an untreatable, “genetically hard-wired” disease. These scientific research strides support the position ARI and its founder, renowned psychologist and autism researcher Dr. Bernard Rimland, have always maintained: Autism is treatable.

ARI is a leading advocate for the rights of people with autism and a unique resource for individuals with ASD, their families and care providers, healthcare professionals and, last but certainly not least, researchers hoping to change the future of autism diagnosis, treatment and care.

ARI relies on donations from people like you to fund its mission and research efforts—and never accepts funding from special-interest groups.

Help ARI improve the quality of life for children and adults with autism.