Upcoming: 06/27/2019

Amanda holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has completed a recertification program in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). In addition to being a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Amanda is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has experience working with both children and adults on the autism spectrum and other pervasive developmental disorders as both an ABA therapist and a counselor. Amanda is pleased to be able to share her experience and knowledge in the Johnson Center’s Behavioral Services program, giving her the opportunity to pursue her passion in helping children with special needs. She is as excited to help the children in the program and their families as she is about all that she learns from each one of them. Amanda comes from a unique position in her education and background to understand the challenges that clients and their families face – developmentally, behaviorally, emotionally, and systematically – to see the patterns and teach the skills needed to improve quality and functioning in all aspects of life.