In 2022, ARI awarded more than $450,000 in grants to fund innovative research that holds realistic promise in impacting the lives of autistic people. At ARI we understand what it means to be different because ARI has always been unique. We have learned a lot over the past 55 years. We continue to focus on education while supporting research on genetics, neurology, co-occurring medical conditions, nutrition, sensory processing, severe and challenging behaviors, and adult and senior issues. Connecting investigators, professionals, parents, and those on the spectrum worldwide is essential for effective advocacy. In order to provide parents and professionals with an independent, unbiased assessment of causal and treatment efficacy issues, ARI seeks no financial support from government agencies or drug manufacturers.

More Research Studies



miRNA as a potential mediator in maternal/fetal interaction in neurodevelopmental disorders

David Beversdorf, MD
University of Missouri

Impact of environmental enrichment on the resolution of inflammation in a mouse model of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Paola Bonsi, PhD
Fondazione Santa Lucia

Understanding Role of Peroxynitrite Signaling and Developing Therapeutic Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Adrien Eshraghi, MD, MSc, FACS
University of Miami Hearing Research and Communication Laboratory

Placental Trophoblast Inclusions as Autism Risk Markers Among Preterm Infants

William Fifer, PhD, Principal Investigator
Morgan Firestein, PhD, Co-Investigator
Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Zinc nutrition as key regulator of inflammatory gut-brain signaling in Autism

Andreas Grabrucker, PhD
University of Limerick 

Discovery of ASD related pathways in a novel preterm Rhesus macaque maternal immune activation model

Suhas Kallapur, MD
University of California Los Angeles

Rescue of a neurodevelopmental disorder associated with ASD by induction of the heat shock response

Andrew Levy, PhD
Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Characterizing Auditory Sensory Stability in Autism

Adam Naples, PhD
Yale University

Testing cannabinoid type 2 receptor (CB2R) as a potential therapeutic target in ASD: a pilot study on a mouse model of maternal immune activation

Anna Maria Tartaglione, PhD
Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Italy

Home-based measurement of autonomic and endocrine system function and relations to sensory processing in children with and without autism

Jennifer Wagner, PhD
CUNY College of Staten Island

Is there a relationship between the gut mucosal-associated microbiome, intestinal neurotransmitters and behavior in individuals on the autism spectrum?

Harland Winter, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

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