Stephen Edelson, Ph.D. | Executive Director

Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D., is the director of the Autism Research Institute. Active in the field of autism for over 30 years, he was named director of ARI in 2006 after the passing of autism pioneer and advocate, Dr. Bernard Rimland. Learn more about Dr. Edelson.

Anthony Morgali | Consultant, Media Producer

Anthony Morgali, Executive Producer, ARI Media: Anthony Morgali, known as Anton, became involved with ARI when he produced a documentary on autism in 2005. This film won the Golden Award at the Houston International Film festival. During production, Anton found himself helping ARI director Steve Edelson with technical items, followed by volunteering at the ARI conferences for several years. He came on board as staff with an official title of Executive Producer for ARI Media in 2007.

Denise Fulton | Administrative Director, Communications and Online Learning

Denise Fulton is parent to a child diagnosed with autism. Prior to her child’s diagnosis, she earned her M.S. HCDE at the University of Washington, and worked for VeriSign in Olympia, WA. She’s worked with the Autism Research Institute since 2006.

Rebecca McKenney | Office Manager

Rebecca has worked for ARI for more than two decades. She is married with three daughters, one with Cerebral Palsy and autistic tendencies. Her hobbies are knitting, crocheting, gardening, traveling, community involvement.

Melanie Glock | Consultant – Communications Specialist

Melanie has a BA from the University of Washington and is the mother of three busy children. She has been active in the autism community since her daughter was diagnosed in 2003 and began working with ARI in 2010.