About ARI’s Deaf/HOH & Blind/Visually Impaired Network

  • What is the Network?
    A compilation of parents, affected individuals and professionals with special
    interest in people with autism and deafness, or autism and blindness.
  • How can I benefit from the Network? 
    We can direct you to support and services available in your local area or community.
  • How do I join?
    We are a group supported by ASA (Autism Society of America 1-800-3AUTISM); we urge you to join ASA. You may join our network by filling out the email form or printing it out and mailing it to ARI (Autism Research Institute).
  • Who sponsors the Network?
    ASA and ARI—our network is a subcommittee of ASA.
  • Are there costs or fees to join?
  • Will my name be used or shared in any way? 
    Only with your permission (indicate your preferences on the registration form).
  • How do I reach professionals who can help me? 
    Call or email the Network and the ARI staff will respond to your questions and concerns.
  • Are there other families, children, or adults in my area with similar disabilities?
    ARI will connect you with those they are aware of.
  • What if I want to speak to someone about my personal issues?
    Contact ARI and they will refer you to the appropriate resources.
  • How do I get the school system to develop a program for my child?
    Be an advocate! We can help—contact our hotline at ARI 1-866-366-3361.
  • Can you help me find employment?
    No, you need to contact local resources (e.g., DD Councils, regional autism employment programs, supported employment programs, etc.).
  • How do I get services from special education programs in public schools for transitioning? 
    Federal laws are mandated for transitioning, however, age of transition varies by state. Contact your local agencies/programs.
  • How can I get transportation services in my area?
    Contact local agencies/programs.

Enewsletter for Hearing and Visually Impaired

ARI publishes an e-newsletter dedicated to those on the autism spectrum who have hearing and/or visual impairments edited by Drs. Margaret Creedon and Steve Edelson. This e-newsletter gives ARI the opportunity to update the autism community about relevant information related to hearing and/or visual impairments, as well as to provide a forum for discussion. All ARI e-Newsletter subscribers receive this information. This newsletter is archived here in memory of its editor, Margaret Creedon.

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