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School During Covid-19: Using Visuals

Educational consultant Amy Moore Gaffney, M.A, discusses the difficulties of transitioning to the classroom learning during pandemics. She highlights the need for children to learn and adjust to changing

School During Covid-19: Using Visuals2021-10-14T11:41:55-05:00

Treating Challenging Behaviors

Communication difficulties are a core symptom of ASD. As a result, individuals on the spectrum often develop coping/communication mechanisms that present as challenging behaviors. It is widely

Treating Challenging Behaviors2021-09-22T04:58:53-05:00

Systemic Inflammatory & Autoimmune Diseases—PANS

Jennifer Frankovich, MD, MS discusses the co-occurrence of systemic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases—including the overlap between pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS) and autism.

Systemic Inflammatory & Autoimmune Diseases—PANS2021-09-09T12:02:32-05:00

Maximizing Neurodiversity: Education & Jobs

Learn strategies developed at the Stanford Neurodiversity Project for raising awareness of neurodiversity through education, service, research and advocacy.

Maximizing Neurodiversity: Education & Jobs2021-07-19T13:48:24-05:00

TMS and Autism – 2021 Research Updates

Learn updates about recent research using transcranial magnetic stimulation as a potential therapy for a number of neurological and psychiatric conditions. This is a

TMS and Autism – 2021 Research Updates2021-07-21T14:24:50-05:00

Coping with Transitions During the Pandemic

Learn coping and goal-setting strategies for navigating transitions between schools, jobs, and high school to adulthood during the challenges of Covid-19. Free certificates

Coping with Transitions During the Pandemic2021-07-19T13:49:28-05:00
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