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5 Most Attended Webinars of 2019

For the past 50 years, ARI has dedicated its efforts to pioneering groundbreaking research and sharing free educational resources with people around the world. One of our

5 Most Attended Webinars of 20192021-07-21T09:33:01-05:00

37 Movies Featuring Autism

We've compiled a list of the top movies around the web featuring autism; ranging from child friendly to adult films. When possible, we've also included links to

37 Movies Featuring Autism2021-03-15T22:38:53-05:00

ARI Accomplishments in 2012

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) has a 44-year track record of pioneering and leadership in the autism field. We provide families and professionals with the information needed for

ARI Accomplishments in 20122021-01-04T14:32:06-05:00

ARI Accomplishments in 2018

At ARI, we have always been mindful of the needs of those on the autism spectrum and their family members. Their support over the past five decades has

ARI Accomplishments in 20182021-06-24T18:06:40-05:00

Sensory Processing and Autism

Virginia Spielman, MSOT, Director of the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing, explains what sensory processing and integration are and how our understanding of their integral role in development

Sensory Processing and Autism2021-09-14T08:49:55-05:00

Thank You For Registering

Thanks for signing up for one of our expert webinars! We look forward to seeing you there. You will receive a confirmation email from

Thank You For Registering2020-02-17T08:23:14-05:00

What Viewers Say About ARI Webinars

ARI facilitates webinars by top experts worldwide. We’ve passed 400,000 views and more tune in every day. We asked four participants to share their thoughts about our

What Viewers Say About ARI Webinars2020-03-12T11:19:03-05:00

Genetics, the Environment & Autism

The word “genetics” tends to spark different reactions by parents and professionals within the autism community, ranging from interest to indifference or even annoyance. These days the

Genetics, the Environment & Autism2020-05-26T16:49:35-05:00

Capacity-Building in Adult Services

Linda Walder Fiddle, founder of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, possesses singular optimism and vision when it comes to advancing the quality of life and citizenship for

Capacity-Building in Adult Services2021-07-21T09:33:22-05:00

Design with Autism in Mind

Professionals who design building structures typically account for perceptual or cognitive challenges experienced by individuals with various disabilities. Sometimes these challenges are referred to as the “invisible

Design with Autism in Mind2020-02-17T05:34:29-05:00
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