Free webinar at 1 pm, Eastern time (US), Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Sensory Processing Differences Don’t Go Away for Adults with Autism
Part 1: Understanding Brain & Sensory Processing Differences Across the Lifespan

Tune in to hear Fakhri Shafai, Ph.D., M.Ed., describe sensory differences experienced by individuals with autism throughout the lifespan.

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About the speaker:

Since 2003, Dr. Fakhri Shafai has worked with autistic persons, their families, clinicians, and educators in various capacities. Her research is focused on sensory processing differences in autism spectrum disorder and how these differences are related to social competence, emotion processing, and anxiety. Currently, she works as the Research and Evaluation Project Coordinator for AIDE Canada, a federally-funded nonprofit that seeks to support autistic individuals, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and their families.