Research Updates on Maternal Autoantibodies and ASD

Judy Van de Water, Ph.D., discusses current machine learning research used to identify several patterns of maternal autoantibodies associated with the diagnosis and severity of autism. She outlines

Research Updates on Maternal Autoantibodies and ASD2022-06-07T05:09:13-05:00

Maximizing Neurodiversity: Education & Jobs

Scientist and psychiatrist Lawrence Fung, MD, Ph.D., discusses what neurodiversity is and how increased awareness and support benefits not only neurodiverse individuals but the global population as a whole.

Maximizing Neurodiversity: Education & Jobs2022-02-23T08:49:06-05:00

TMS and Autism – 2021 Research Updates

Manuel Casanova, MD, discusses Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and its potential for treating autism. He details the cerebral cortex development and notes revealed differences in mini-columnar morphology and gamma oscillations

TMS and Autism – 2021 Research Updates2022-04-20T09:53:59-05:00

Coping with Transitions During the Pandemic

Learn coping and goal-setting strategies for navigating transitions between schools, jobs, and high school to adulthood during the challenges of Covid-19. Free certificates

Coping with Transitions During the Pandemic2021-07-19T13:49:28-05:00

Peer Experiences and Behavioral Challenges

Learn about the connection between peer experiences and behavioral challenges some individuals with autism may confront during adolescence. Research studies mentioned during

Peer Experiences and Behavioral Challenges2021-07-19T13:51:08-05:00

Hippotherapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Founder and COO of Taking the Lead, Chelsea Whitaker, OTR/L, discusses hippotherapy and how this distinct practice can help individuals with autism and other disabilities. She describes how working

Hippotherapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders2022-02-18T06:13:30-05:00
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