25 03, 2019

Brain & Behavior: Science of Happiness


What is the #1, most important way to assess if autism treatment is working? If you are a parent, it will come as no surprise….Your child’s HAPPINESS.

Brain & Behavior: Science of Happiness2019-05-22T07:51:54-05:00
9 01, 2019

*Ideas for Raising Community-Minded Kids


Inclusion, Community, and Raising Kids Who Care: Ideas for Raising Community-Minded Kids Published: 11/15/2018 Anissa Ryland is the Executive Director for The Johnson Center for Child Health

*Ideas for Raising Community-Minded Kids2019-06-05T12:38:08-05:00
15 11, 2018

*Support Beyond Schools


Complimentary Care and ASD: Considerations for Support Beyond ECI and School Services Presented by Anissa Ryland The Johnson Center for Child Health & Development If you would

*Support Beyond Schools2019-05-16T10:12:51-05:00
5 11, 2018

*Early Detection & Diagnosis of ASD: What should you look for and what to do if you have concerns.


Presented by Jana Rundle, PsyD If you would like a Certificate of Attendance, after viewing the webinar go to After successfully completing a short quiz, your certificate

*Early Detection & Diagnosis of ASD: What should you look for and what to do if you have concerns.2019-05-16T10:13:27-05:00
26 09, 2018

Self-Injury and ASD – Updates


Listen to this live Q&A as Lauren Moskowitz discusses self-injury and other challenging behaviors. To review Dr. Moskowitz’s previous talk on positive strategies for addressing anxiety and

Self-Injury and ASD – Updates2019-02-01T14:01:37-05:00
13 09, 2018

*Q & A: Ask the Nutritionist


Ever had a question you wanted to ask a nutritionist? Here's your chance - Kelly Barnhill will be taking participant's questions live during this webinar. Published 09/13/2018

*Q & A: Ask the Nutritionist2019-05-16T10:16:07-05:00