Sensory Features: Research and Evidence

Learn about sensory features associated with autism spectrum disorders. Handouts are online HERE Research studies and additional resources mentioned by the speaker are online

Sensory Features: Research and Evidence2021-07-19T14:00:20-05:00

Home all Day: Exercise During Covid-19

School closures, suspended recreational activities, and limited therapies due to the COVID-19 pandemic have left many families with few choices for physical activities.

Home all Day: Exercise During Covid-192021-07-19T14:01:09-05:00

Emotional Support for Families during COVID-19

The uncertainty and sudden changes caused by COVID-19 are difficult for all families, but particularly so for some families and individuals experiencing anxiety

Emotional Support for Families during COVID-192021-12-02T17:35:45-05:00

Sensory Processing and Autism

Virginia Spielman, MSOT, Director of the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing, explains what sensory processing and integration are and how our understanding of their integral role in development

Sensory Processing and Autism2022-02-23T11:21:49-05:00

Supporting Sensory Needs

Lindsey Biel, MA, OTR/L, describes the complexities of sensory systems, how they impact daily activities and learning, and the importance of positive sensory support. She outlines the sensory

Supporting Sensory Needs2022-02-23T08:44:03-05:00

Raising a Sensory Smart Child

Presented by Lindsey Biel, OTR-L from the Fall 2012 Autism Research Institute Conference Do you or does someone you care about have sensory processing challenges? This session

Raising a Sensory Smart Child2019-10-07T09:30:41-05:00
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