Learn inclusion strategies focused on reducing the likelihood of challenging behaviors in the classroom setting.

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Diane Adreon, Ed.D. has served as the associate director of the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities since 1993. In addition, Dr. Adreon presents and consults nationally and internationally on high-functioning autism spectrum disorders. She has a private practice, Spectrum Life Strategies (SpectrumLifeStrategies.com). Dr. Adreon’s publications include: Special Considerations for Students with High-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for School Administrators (2017; Adreon & Myles, 2017), Simple Strategies that Work! Helpful Hints for All Educators of Students with High-Functioning Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and Related Disabilities (Myles, Adreon, & Gitlitz. 2006), and Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence: Practical Solutions for School Success (Myles & Adreon, 2001), winner of the Autism Society of America Literary Achievement Award. In addition, Dr. Adreon serves on the editorial boards of Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disorders and Intervention in School and Clinic

Employment and Autism Tips

May 24th, 2019|News|

Temple Grandin, PhD during a 2015 interview with ARI The autism spectrum is extremely variable ranging from a person who remains non-verbal to a brilliant scientist. In my work as

  • Learning Styles Autism

Learning Styles & Autism

May 15th, 2019|News|

‘Learning styles’ is a concept which attempts to describe the methods by which people gain information about their environment. People can learn through seeing (visually), hearing (auditorily), and/or through touching or manipulating