Free webinar at 1 pm, Eastern time (US) Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

Tune in to hear Gray Atherton, PhD’s presentation “They ask no questions and pass no criticism: A mixed-methods study exploring pet ownership in autism,”

Pet Ownership and Autism

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About Dr. Gray Atherton:

“I am interested in understanding how people with autism spectrum condition see the social world. Specifically, I explore individual differences in social processing and how these differences often found in people with autism also exist in the general population.
I also investigate anthropomorphism, or seeing the human in the non-human, and how this relates to social processing in autism. To investigate this I am developing virtual reality techniques that allow for anthropomorphic experiences. My other research interest lies more broadly in embodied social processing. I am particularly interested in how movement can affect the way we see ourselves and our social partners, and how this can be used to understand special populations.”