Time Management and Organization for the Special Needs Family

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Do you always make a New Year’s resolution to organize your life? Are calendars, supplement charts, therapy schedules, data sheets, and IEP documents taking over your house? If you were to fall ill or were needed elsewhere could someone else step in and appropriately cover your child’s needs? Join us for an online discussion on how to conquer the paper and get some peace of mind about your child’s needs, and family schedule.

Published: 10/15/2013

Anissa Ryland is the Executive Director for The Johnson Center for Child Health & Development in Austin, TX. Before working in the autism community, she worked with non-profit organizations in New Orleans, Washington, DC, and Dallas. Anissa is motivated by her experience as a mother of three children, one with autism, to assist families in accessing needed resources and to support the research that is crucial to answering important questions about developmental disorders..