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Listen to nutritionist Kelly Barnhill discuss the importance of self-care for adult caregivers, focusing on reasonable dietary and lifestyle choices and appropriate basic nutritional supplementation. Ms. Barnhill will touch on all of the current dietary trends, what to believe, what is based in evidence and research, and how to make choices for yourself and your family amid all the noise. This talk will review the key components to success with the above strategies by focusing on two major components that wear us down – poor sleep habits and poor nutrition. It will review sleep hygiene and natural sleep support options, healthy dietary intake for all, and nutritional supplements to consider for acute support when needed.

Published: 01/13/2016

Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN serves as the Nutrition Coordinator for ARI. She is also Director of the Nutrition Clinic and the Clinical Care Coordinator at the Johnson Center for Child Health and Development. In her private practice, Kelly focuses on building appropriate dietary and supplementation protocols for children with developmental delays and disorders, siblings of affected children, and children with significant gastrointestinal disease. Kelly also has expertise in prenatal and infant nutrition. She practices in Austin, Texas.

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Capacity-Building in Adult Services

May 31st, 2019|News|

Linda Walder Fiddle, founder of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, possesses singular optimism and vision when it comes to advancing the quality of life and citizenship for adults with autism spectrum disorders.