From the Spring 2013 ARI Think Tank.

Published: 04/27/2013

Inspired by his family physician, Dr. John McDougall, at the age of 10, Tom Malterre has been passionately interested in using food as medicine ever since. He has both Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in Nutrition from Bastyr University, and has been an owner and operator of Whole Life Nutrition since 2002. He is the co-author of The Gluten-free, Dairy-free Whole Life Nutrition cookbook, and has received training from Autism Today, Autism Research Institute, and the Institute for Functional Medicine.

  • Gut Brain Connection Autism

Cross Talk Between Gut & Brain in ASD: Do they understand each other?

April 23rd, 2014|Gastrointestinal, Gastrointestinal, Health, Immune Issues, Nutrition, Webinar|

Free certificates of participation are available upon successful completion of a learning quiz at: Published: 04/23/2014 Length: 00:51:05 Dr. Fasano completed his medical training at the University of Naples in Italy,