3 06, 2019

Genetics, the Environment & Autism


The word “genetics” tends to spark different reactions by parents and professionals within the autism community, ranging from interest to indifference or even annoyance. These days the

Genetics, the Environment & Autism2019-06-27T07:17:12-05:00
29 05, 2019

Design with Autism in Mind


Professionals who design building structures typically account for perceptual or cognitive challenges experienced by individuals with various disabilities. Sometimes these challenges are referred to as the “invisible

Design with Autism in Mind2019-06-27T07:13:42-05:00
24 05, 2019

Employment and Autism Tips


Tips from Temple Grandin on developing skills for employment. Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a child and went on to become a spokesperson for the

Employment and Autism Tips2019-06-27T07:12:21-05:00
20 05, 2019

Warning Against Chlorine Dioxide Use


May 12, 2015 Concerned about reports of negative side effects from a treatment called MMS, ARI reached out to a scientist and a handful of clinicians and

Warning Against Chlorine Dioxide Use2019-06-27T07:09:44-05:00
15 05, 2019

Learning Styles & Autism


‘Learning styles’ is a concept which attempts to describe the methods by which people gain information about their environment. People can learn through seeing (visually), hearing (auditorily),

Learning Styles & Autism2019-06-27T07:08:06-05:00