Comorbidities of Autism

Research suggests that individuals with autism experience some conditions―including underlying medical issues, neurodevelopmental differences, and mental health issues―more frequently than the general population. Learning about these potential

Comorbidities of Autism2022-01-14T13:58:32-05:00

Challenging Behaviors and Autism

Challenging behaviors can be disruptive to daily life for individuals with autism. These include, but are not limited to, self-injury, aggression, property destruction, tantrums, disruptiveness, noncompliance, and

Challenging Behaviors and Autism2022-01-14T12:30:42-05:00

What is Toe Walking?

Toe walking refers to a gait cycle/walking pattern in which the heel does not contact the ground; this is a common developmental variation in young children (aged three

What is Toe Walking?2021-11-26T07:12:15-05:00

Setting Priorities for Autism Research

Autism organizations, individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and parents have differing views on how best to proceed with autism research. However, nearly all of us can

Setting Priorities for Autism Research2021-12-04T20:09:59-05:00

2021 Accomplishments

For more than five decades, we have been challenging the traditional view of autism as an untreatable disorder and have advanced research to improve the health and well-being

2021 Accomplishments2021-12-08T21:11:24-05:00
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