Optimizing Autism Treatment

Over the past half-century, two treatment approaches have dominated autism therapy. One is behavioral therapy (for instance, applied behavior analysis), while the other is traditional medical

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Large-Scale Studies in Autism: What do They Show?

Over the past decade, many studies have documented substantial impairments in the gastrointestinal (GI), immunological, and metabolic systems of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Although

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Genetics, the Environment & Autism

The word “genetics” tends to spark different reactions by parents and professionals within the autism community, ranging from interest to indifference or even annoyance. These days the

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Capacity-Building in Adult Services

Linda Walder Fiddle, founder of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, possesses singular optimism and vision when it comes to advancing the quality of life and citizenship for

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Design with Autism in Mind

Professionals who design building structures typically account for perceptual or cognitive challenges experienced by individuals with various disabilities. Sometimes these challenges are referred to as the “invisible

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Employment and Autism Tips

Temple Grandin, PhD during a 2015 interview with ARI The autism spectrum is extremely variable ranging from a person who remains non-verbal to a brilliant

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