7 05, 2019

Inclusion: Effective Strategies


Learn inclusion strategies focused on reducing the likelihood of challenging behaviors in the classroom setting. Free certificates of participation are available upon successful completion of

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9 04, 2019

*Mind Your Mind: Part 1 – Anxiety


Jana Rundle, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist offering professional psychological services at The Johnson Center for Child Health and Development in Austin, Texas.  After completing her doctoral work

*Mind Your Mind: Part 1 – Anxiety2019-05-17T12:43:09-05:00
25 03, 2019

Brain & Behavior: Science of Happiness


What is the #1, most important way to assess if autism treatment is working? If you are a parent, it will come as no surprise….Your child’s HAPPINESS.

Brain & Behavior: Science of Happiness2019-05-17T12:43:43-05:00
7 03, 2019

*Major meltdowns


03/07/2019 Presented by Amanda Tami, LPC, BCBA The Johnson Center for Child Health & Development Upcoming Webinar Amanda holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has

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6 03, 2019

Anxiety and ASD


Learn about emerging research on comorbid anxiety in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Certificates of participation are available upon successful completion of a brief knowledge quiz:

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28 02, 2019

*The Ketogenic Diet in ASD – Part 1


Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN serves as the Nutrition Coordinator for ARI. She is also Director of the Nutrition Clinic and the Clinical Care Coordinator at the Johnson Center

*The Ketogenic Diet in ASD – Part 12019-05-17T07:37:20-05:00
5 02, 2019

Blood Draw – What to Expect


Medical visits can be stressful for anyone and individuals with autism often face extra challenges during procedures like blood draws due to communication deficits and sensory issues.

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