Behavioral and Brain Signatures of Autism in Females

Kaustubh Supekar, Ph.D., examines recent findings about gender/sex differences in autism phenotypes and brain organization. He highlights the underrepresentation of females in autism and underscores the need for

Behavioral and Brain Signatures of Autism in Females2022-08-10T07:47:40-05:00

Autism and Eating-Related Behaviors

Gregory Wallace, PhD, discusses eating-related behaviors and autism. The presenter's slides are online HERE (English) Spanish translation will be available at a later date.

Autism and Eating-Related Behaviors2022-06-17T08:47:40-05:00

Live Q&A: Sensory Strategies at Home

Handouts are online HERE This is a follow-up to Ms. Peña's webinar, Sensory-Friendly Strategies at Home. Please note: This previously recorded Q & A

Live Q&A: Sensory Strategies at Home2022-05-09T22:34:35-05:00

Transition to Adulthood – Providing Support

Amy Moore Gaffney, M.A., CCC-SLP, discusses evidence-based support strategies for adults with autism as they transition to adulthood and gain independence. She focuses on structured visual support strategies

Transition to Adulthood – Providing Support2022-08-10T06:42:32-05:00

Sensory-Friendly Strategies for Home – Part 2

Moira Peña, BScOT, MOT, OT Reg (Ont.), discusses sensory processing strategies for home. She describes how atypical sensory processing affects lived experiences of individuals with autism and outlines

Sensory-Friendly Strategies for Home – Part 22022-05-25T07:18:43-05:00

Emotional Regulation Strategies

Learn evidence-based strategies for supporting and teaching emotional regulation. Handouts are online HERE About the speaker: Amy Moore Gaffney,

Emotional Regulation Strategies2022-03-16T18:58:41-05:00

Brain & Sensory Processing Differences Across the Lifespan

Fakhri Shafai, Ph.D., M.Ed., discusses sensory differences experienced by individuals with autism across the lifespan. She describes atypical neuronal migration and synaptic pruning and outlines how such differences in

Brain & Sensory Processing Differences Across the Lifespan2022-06-07T06:03:19-05:00

Food and Sleep

Registered Dietician Vicki Kobliner describes nutritional strategies for improving sleep. Handouts are online HERE (.pdf) Vicki Kobliner MS RDN,

Food and Sleep2022-03-02T18:13:24-05:00
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