Autism and Eating-Related Behaviors

Gregory Wallace, PhD, discusses eating-related behaviors and autism. The presenter's slides are online HERE (English) Spanish translation will be available at a later date.

Autism and Eating-Related Behaviors2022-06-17T08:47:40-05:00

Live Q&A: Sensory Strategies at Home

Handouts are online HERE This is a follow-up to Ms. Peña's webinar, Sensory-Friendly Strategies at Home. Please note: This previously recorded Q & A

Live Q&A: Sensory Strategies at Home2022-05-09T22:34:35-05:00

Maximizing Neurodiversity: Education & Jobs

Scientist and psychiatrist Lawrence Fung, MD, Ph.D., discusses what neurodiversity is and how increased awareness and support benefits not only neurodiverse individuals but the global population as a whole.

Maximizing Neurodiversity: Education & Jobs2022-02-23T08:49:06-05:00

Coping with Transitions During the Pandemic

Learn coping and goal-setting strategies for navigating transitions between schools, jobs, and high school to adulthood during the challenges of Covid-19. Free certificates

Coping with Transitions During the Pandemic2021-07-19T13:49:28-05:00

Family-Centered Planning and ASD

Research demonstrates the effectiveness of Family-Centered Transition Planning in increasing student and parent expectations for adult life, student career decision-making, and student participation in

Family-Centered Planning and ASD2021-07-19T13:58:37-05:00

Transition to Adulthood

Due to technical limitations, the sound recording occurred via telephone during this presentation. Stephen Shore, Ed.D. shares insights about growing up with autism,

Transition to Adulthood2021-07-19T14:00:48-05:00
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