Research Updates on Maternal Autoantibodies and ASD

Judy Van de Water, Ph.D., discusses current machine learning research used to identify several patterns of maternal autoantibodies associated with the diagnosis and severity of autism. She outlines

Research Updates on Maternal Autoantibodies and ASD2022-06-07T05:09:13-05:00

Overview: Medical Comorbidities and ASD

In this brief overview, neurologist Margaret Bauman, MD summarizes symptoms and signs of medical comorbidities that frequently occur, but may go unrecognized, in patients diagnosed with ASD. While the

Overview: Medical Comorbidities and ASD2022-04-20T13:09:36-05:00

Gene-Environment Interactions in Autism: Research Updates

Valerie W. Hu, Ph.D., discusses gene-environmental interactions pertaining to autism. She describes how integrative genomics studies on autism led to investigating endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) as environmental risk

Gene-Environment Interactions in Autism: Research Updates2023-01-18T15:56:27-05:00

PANS/PANDAS – Research Updates

Susan Swedo, M.D. discusses research findings on causes, symptoms, and treatments for PANS/PANDAS. She highlights the differences in syndromes and diseases and discusses the diagnosis and clinical

PANS/PANDAS – Research Updates2022-02-23T11:29:59-05:00

*Q & A: Ask the Nutritionist

Ever had a question you wanted to ask a nutritionist? Here's your chance - Kelly Barnhill will be taking participant's questions live during this webinar. Published 09/13/2018

*Q & A: Ask the Nutritionist2019-09-30T04:07:09-05:00
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